Pollo (Chicken)

Pollo alla Crema £15.95
Chicken breast cooked in mushroom, onion, white wine and cream sauce, served with mixed vegetables.

Pollo Sorpresa £15.95
Stuffed chicken breast with mushrooms, brie, spinach, served on a bed of creamy leeks.

Pollo alla Cacciatora £15.95
Chicken breast slow cooked in the oven with tomato sauce, white wine, mushrooms, peppers, onions served with crushed new potatoes and fennel.

Pollo Principessa £15.55
Chicken breast cooked in a tomato sauce, mascarpone cheese, white wine and topped with asparagus.

Pollo Stroganoff £16.95
Pan fried chicken breast with mushrooms, onions, Dijon mustard,
white wine and cream, served on a bed of long grain rice.

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